Transmitting ultrasound, using the HIFU program, gives the ability to focus on very specific areas as well as penetrate all the way into the SMAS layer of the skin. This is an effective way of stimulating the skin to tighten.

Ms. Barbie – This beautiful lady has been a customer of Nitipon Clinic ever since she was in university. She started out having regular facial treatments done, and then she moved on to lasers, botox and thread lifts. Most recently, she has just been introduced to a new, innovative way of tightening the skin without injections and without any surgeries: HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). From the get go she was impressed with the results.

“If you were to ask me how it felt when I underwent the treatment, I would tell you that it did hurt a little bit, but it was very tolerable and I was comfortable. It hurt less than silk lifts/threading. The first time, the Doctor did it on only one side of my face and then held a mirror up to my face so I could see the difference. I was able to see it already! After it was all done, there were no side effects. I was able to wash my face, apply powder, put on makeup, all in the same way that I used to. The changes become even more apparent one week after the treatment, and they keep improving from there. The shape of my face became more defined and tightened. Wrinkles and sagging disappeared. Now it has been over a month since the treatment and you can really see the differences each time you look in the mirror. I can also go in and have other regular treatments done now too.”

“Some people may think ‘aren’t these types of lifting treatments meant for older people?’, and yes, it is true that older people will encounter these problems more often and to a greater degree, and they can use HIFU to address these issues. However, from the age of 20 onwards, if you have any areas of concern regarding the skin on and around your face, you too can rely on HIFU. It is safe, there are no side effects and your skin looks tighter and brighter than ever.”

-Ms. Barbie, 27, Independent Actress

Price 25,000 – 40,000 Baht

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