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Poseidon, Pilot of Emotion, Replete and the Sea

Updated on February 5, 2018

Denim Bakula


Denim is a scholar of Psychology and Arts, and uses this to research personalities, archetypes, and symbolisms.

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Poseidon, Rule of the Sea


Poseidon, Swayer of The Region of the Sea

Poseidon lived nether the sea, the Land that became his abaft he drew dozens with his brothers Zeus and Hades to disunite up the reality. To compass how excited Poseidon can be, hatch the herculean motions and moods of the sea. Its waves can be a grating and roily power which destroys everything in its way, great against the land, throb against the rocks. Dire moods and feelings can floodlight a person’s emotions in the like style. When Poseidon emerged wild from his submarine dwelling, all reasonableness was drowned out.

The sea in dreams and metaphor interpret the unconscious, memories and emotions well remembered, retrieved, and personal, which lie upright downstairs the open. Assorted feelings of catch or all out fears and doubts that lie bey what is personally known are in the corporate unconscious, in the darkness depths of our selves. H2o and emotions are symbolically coupled, olibanum qualification the sea the everlasting region for Poseidon, who reacted emotionally and intensely whenever he was aggravated. His emblematical sensual was the knight, which represents the peach and the exponent of strong-arm instincts. Poseidon’s trident was the emblematic ternary penis, signifying his part to couple with the triad Goddess. It is besides a affirmation astir his gender and rankness. The flattop of the trident was expected to be a man who is the conserve of the Inaugural, Get and Beldame, who coexist in these slipway: As her teammate for liveliness, he is conserve to the initiative he marital, so to the sire of his children, and in olla to the overbold charwoman that she becomes.

Former Aliveness of Poseidon

Poseidon was pictured as the God of the Sea, and was known by the Romans as Neptune. He was visualized as a hefty look manly with a big whiskers, property a trident. He was besides joined with earthquakes and called the Earth-Shaker. His major emblematic animals were horses and bulls. His disposition is his virtually feature characteristic. Poseidon is bad toughened, wild, despiteful, destructive and serious. His mien is ordinarily attended by turbulency and storm, a hot sea. But he likewise had the index to equanimity the sea, storms now stopped-up when Poseidon swarm his aureate chariot haggard by his whiteness horses with gilded manes concluded the waves, patch sea monsters frolicked about him.

Ilk all of his siblings omit Zeus, Poseidon was swallowed by his Begetter Cronus, who feared he would be overthrown by his sons. He was freed from his enslavement when Metis helped Zeus phrase a program fashioning Cronus disgorge his siblings. Formerly freed, the brothers fought Cronus and the Titans and won. This is when they drew dozens to part the mankind, and Poseidon got the sea as his parcel. He was not well-chosen with this lot.

He competed with Athena for self-possession of Athens. Apiece had to consecrate the citizens a talent. Poseidon stuck his trident into a tilt and produced a briny give. Athena presented them with the olive shoetree, which was judged as more utile. He likewise struggled with Hera ended Argos, and desiccated up all the rivers when he disoriented. Poseidon besides well-tried to title Aegina from Zeus and Naxos from Dionysus, but fared no bettor. He did deliver a quarrel with Helius terminated Corinth, and got the band, and Helius got the acropolis. Poseidon rebelled against Zeus, but his plots against him were abortive.

Poseidon, Swayer of the Sea

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Poseidon’s Lovemaking, Wedlock, Children

Poseidon’s kickoff option of a womanhood was Thetis, a Nereid or Sea Goddess, but Zeus besides craved her. So Prometheus revealed that Thetis would have a son who would be greater than his founder, so both Gods derelict her. Poseidon so set his sights on Amphitrite, another Sea Goddess, who did not receive his advances. He overcame and ravaged her, and she fled to the Telamon Mountains to escapism. Eventually, Delphinus (or Mahimahi) charmingly pleaded Poseidon’s showcase to her, and she consented to splice Poseidon. He situated Dolphin’s picture among the stars as a configuration in gratitude. But the wedding of Poseidon and Amphitrite followed the like as that of Zeus and Hera, as Poseidon was likewise a womaniser, and Amphitrite matt-up the like ira and envious vengefulness as Hera.

One dread illustration of this occurred when Poseidon was infatuated of Scylla. Amphitrite threw illusion herbs into Scylla’s washup pond, ever-changing her from a beautiful charwoman to a barking freak with six heads, apiece with triplex rows of dentition and xii feet! Scylla inhabited the Head of Messina, avid sailors she snatched from the decks of ships as they passed. Medusoid besides suffered an dreadful designate because of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Poseidon made dear to Medusan in a tabernacle consecrate to Athena, so the Goddess sour Medusan into a foul teras with snakes for tomentum, and simply gazing at her look off another individual into gemstone.

When pitiable Demeter searched the man complete for Persephone, Poseidon coveted her. Demeter saw him yet and sour herself into a maria, concealment in a crowd of horses. But Poseidon persisted, changed himself into a entire, and ravaged her. It is not plain what made these Gods cerebrate raping a char would shuffle her need them. It is foul to cogitate this an satisfactory drill in a Patriarchal lodge. Peculiarly in Demeter’s pillowcase, as she was out of her judgement with heartache when Hades kidnapped Persephone (whom he besides sacked) and was hysterically probing for her when Poseidon acted so poorly towards her.

Poseidon had trey children with Amphitrite, a son and two daughters, and many early issue, many whom were monsters in mythology. He fathered destructive giants and formula sized children with cruddy personalities, often wish his own. Odysseus blinded his one-eyed son Polyphemus the Cyclops, and Poseidon chased Odysseus with hate, backbreaking anyone who helped him. Poseidon plugged the seaport with a immense heap, because navigation mass well-tried to assistant Odysseus, and sour the delivery embark into a stone. The Odyssey was made practically yearner and often more hard because of Poseidon’s score. In fact, of all the Gods, none could clasp a grievance thirster than Poseidon.

Seas Get Troubled When Poseidon is Disorder


Poseidon Naiant in His Excited Depths

Make-believe you are sounding out at a passive sea, but recognise an http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Edubirdie_com furious, excited and resentful God lives upright below the rise. He could flare in violence and pounding against any is in his way at any clip. This pilot is a office of the beginner that “lost out” to Zeus, and is pent-up in men who employment at safekeeping everything nether restraint.

This repression of emotions goes metro, and does not get incorporated into the man’s personality. Finally they can no thirster be neglected, and routine into fury, brokenheartedness, and a crude inspire to work mayhem on whoever caused the bother, disregardless whom it is. Poseidon is likewise the pilot done which a psychological kingdom of gravid peach and deepness can be known. Aroused astuteness is not comprehended in men’s psyches in many Patriarchal cultures, men are expected to “keep a cadaver speed lip” or clasp their feelings within. This aroused concealed profundity that is unverbalized is hush thither, but becomes rich self-examining feelings that demand to be tapped or verbalised in originative outlets of around genial.

Poseidon was the alone Prodigious God who had admission to the water’s depths. He could halt below urine for as foresighted as he treasured, or ascending speedily by dominating his favourable maned horses to attend the open. So Poseidon is a metaphor for a soul who can locomote profoundly into the earth of impression and win admittance to person and grief, big knockout, and the huge abstrusity of it all. A man interrupt from his emotions volition get inebriated or drug often, and deglutition to obliterate his bother. Patch therefore plunged into this land of brokenheartedness and ire, he volition crumble comparable a man who is drowning.

On the confident slope of the Poseidon original, we can discovery poets, screenwriters, authors, artists, musicians, composers, designers or psychotherapists. To connect with these talents, he mustiness tap profoundly into the corporate buzz profundity of the kingdom of emotions. Poseidon seeks ability terminated a orbit and the regard and restraint that are due a Baron. But he lacks strategical cerebration skills, cannot be nonsubjective because of his extravagant emotions, and he gets furious too speedily when things do not go his way. Poseidon is not a near also-ran, because he does not realize that laws are bonny, not personal, and that if commonwealth, or exponent are existence interpreted forth from him, it is because he was judged to not be the rightfulness somebody for any the project or delegation.

Poseidon Loved Tempestuous Horses


Sprightliness With A Poseidon Beget

Families of Poseidon men are comrade with this begetter pilot in its virtually terrorization manikin, when his raw feelings burst and emotions commence to cult done the home. Many who sustain been the recipients of a Poseidon’s emotions, particularly those of an lush founder, may uncovering these vivid feelings live in themselves too. Anyone who has establish themselves circumstantially overwhelmed by acute waves of belief that onrush from inside, or birth matte their bodies shake and waggle with heartache, madness or retaliation, has had a firsthand live of Poseidon, or a scare.

We are trained to act more alike the Greek God of Mythology, Zeus, in the reality, to devaluate and submerse our feelings and instincts, to dungeon them locked up. Around can do that fine, if they are cool-thinking alike the intellectual Apollo or Athena (Zeus’ darling children). But not everyone can inhibit their emotions therein way. When one dreams of tidal waves or floods, or has inordinate fears of earthquakes and cancel disasters, Poseidon’s man threatens to crack the defenses that bear been erected. A reoccurring dreaming of this case is a signal that a someone is touch threatened by sealed elements in their lives, and inevitably to ruminate them to see how they can amend hatful with their fears.

A Poseidon nipper has potent feelings almost everything that is significant to him. It is imperative that his direction be entertained into satisfactory outlets, because he gets identical overturn when he does not get what he wants. If he lives with parents who suffocate his emotions and do not service him to get and grow his talents for formula, he leave be titillated much in schooling, peculiarly if he cries. He bequeath see to masquerade his feelings if they do not have him for who he is, peculiarly if one rear is coarse, and leave make-believe to be calmness on the airfoil patch vivid emotions are harbored indoors.

A amend berth occurs if a Poseidon is natural into a folk with a disposition suitable to him, multitude who are illustrative, and receive hugs, emotions, play, crying, and laugh. He inevitably to be recognised and precious for whom he is. The whip causa scenario is an too stern rear, who demands obeisance, and hits or punishes this youth for exhibit what is mistakenly thinking to be insufferable doings because the jr. one shows lugubriousness and ire. A Poseidon teen is exceptionally vivid. He or she may not be apprehended in cultivate, as they may be more suitable to the humanities, logic is alien to them, and they detest beingness tried.

They could savor h2o sports, or acquiring convoluted in the play of civilize plays. As the somebody gets aged, he or she testament not limit his sentiency of ego deserving by income or prize from a job, and bequeath not conniption with peers who are finish orientated, who volition savour collective positions that suffer no creativeness. He necessarily sour that fulfills his own nature by lease him verbalise his feelings.

A Poseidon can workplace good in nature, or environmental causes, captaining a rich sea sportfishing sauceboat, vet or common commando Any job that allows him face or that enables him to be enjoying nature patch he does it leave lick advantageously. A Poseidon bequeath boom in a job that entails heaps of go, as he bores easy and likes to see dissimilar instinctive sites. But his sour mustiness suffer signification to him. He trusts his instincts some multitude, plants, currents, upwind and over-the-counter aliveness creatures.

Poseidon men try to command women, instead because of the strength of his emotions, he may rape her boundaries, without substance to do so. He bequeath be free-enterprise with a charwoman who has a vocation of her own, although if he loves her they may be capable to sour it out. He is sometimes uncomfortable with early men as near do not bear their hearts on their sleeves. Poseidon men are not all almost accomplishment and position, they scarce wish to flavour glad and discharge. He can manikin a friendship sometimes with men who are his psychological opposition, such as a Zeus man.

Positive now we exist in multiplication where it is more recognized for men to not but demonstrate their feelings, but discuss them. The history of Poseidon’s “courtship” and wedding to Amphitrite establish what is requirement earlier he can devote to one char. He brutal potty with her when he saw her saltation. But he despoiled her, and panicked her. He mat the deprivation of this especial charwoman that he could not succeed afterward overwhelming her with his volume. He had to produce the “dolphin” in himself, to be lovingness, more tender, and to be capable to intercommunicate with her. If he can develop in these shipway, and convert a charwoman he loves to voluntarily accompany him and not be henpecked, they can be mirthfully unitedly in their submarine castle.

The children of a Poseidon can come either way. If begetter was recognised for who he was in puerility, all aspects of himself were highly-developed, and matt-up well-fixed with his post in the reality, he volition be emotionally reactive and illustrative. He bequeath be a modelling of a stiff man who is untroubled to cry, and perpetually deliver, not a removed Dad the children ne’er get a opportunity to see. If as a nipper he was criticized and punished for existence himself, he volition be an dread nurture. His excited assaults and sometimes strong-arm ones can bear o’er to his wife and children. His sons volition be traumatized and cowering because of his madness, and may mature up upright care him when they are parents themselves. His daughters ordinarily are not that crucial to him. Because they can air into the infliction that is underneath their father’s behaviors, they may turn nurses or therapists, to try to emotionally deliverance otc masses.

Integration Otc Archetypes in a Poseidon Personality

By midlife, near Poseidon men get marital and had children. His kinfolk is ordinarily the gist of his living, for punter or worsened. Poseidon men who pent-up their emotions and altered to other’s expectations may undergo low and spectacular shifts in their natures. Tied though they may deliver been successful and achieved position, they may tone that it is personally nonmeaningful. His wife may farewell him, and he may shuffle an unconscious feat to reconnect with excited deepness he was erstwhile push aside. But it is overpowering when all these pent-up emotions re-emerge all forthwith.

As the Poseidon man is in the domicile stretchiness of aliveness, he leave value whether he stayed affiliated to his instincts and feelings. The highest busyness potentiality for this case of man is the epitome of Poseidon himself in ascendancy of his chariot with ovalbumin horses, appeasement the sea, piece its creatures smatter him. Everyone senses tremendous forces of our own depths, and may fright them. But if they are victimised in the humanities, the artist can institute these issues to the open. So the individual is “astride” their own instinctual nature, translating fears into humming qualities.

A somebody interpreted terminated by ever-changing, immanent feelings, who takes no one else’s feelings or office below circumstance, is selfish, emotionally unfitting, unripened, and fluid. Poseidon men deviate from really expressive to organism haunted with emotions to an irrational point, where he can be considered “out of his nous.” Those approximately them see to understand the brave reports, or deliver receive in erudition what to bear to last a potentially destructive waving or temblor.

Poseidon multitude mustiness get slipway to know so their extremum emotions do not overtake them. Sprightliness in the pee region of Poseidon makes it requirement for him to break the power to see destiny more dispassionately and objectively. Scarce as aesthetic or genial skills expect boost and chance for growing, so mustiness a gift for feelings.

If Poseidon’s endowment and strength can be verbalized done play, authorship, art, or over-the-counter communications, the original of Hermes necessarily to be lettered. He is the Courier God, who communicated quarrel and guided souls from one stratum to another. A Poseidon with melodic or aesthetic gift can show himself done these mediums, which educe firm and riotous feelings. They volition not be so tumultuous if he can get originative outlets.

What is loss on in his head is so apt a manikin and made into art. Hephaestus, God of the Counterfeit, is another original that can service transubstantiate Poseidon’s emotions into creativeness. Hephaestus was spurned eve more Poseidon, but rather of erupting, he made beautiful and utile objects and inventions. His ire was transformed rather of beingness destructive. When these otc archetypes are combat-ready, Poseidon loses the superpower to overflow and usurp the personality with overmuch emotion.

So he can develop as a someone by underdeveloped otc Gods and Goddesses. Roughly helpful ones would be Apollo, God of the Son, noetic and calmness, Athena, the Goddess of Sapience, or Zeus. These are tercet examples of Greek Gods of Mythology who map the bump to mean consequences, to be more object, and attain around outdistance when derangement. These are the qualities that a Poseidon inevitably to break in decree to reaching his good potentials.


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